Hello there, welcome to the site of a Roblox Piggy fictionkin and polytherian.

My name is Foxy, and I am a 13 year old american Polytherian and Polyfictionkin. Neocities.

My journey starts when I was 12 in 2020. Back then, I was obsessed with the game Piggy on Roblox. I always felt very connected with the game and viewed it as home. While most didn't, as the community is filled with many people very different from me. Now, my entire life, I felt non-human. When I first joined the therian community I thought I was a cat but in the future I realised how 'off' it felt, so strange, it didn't suit me. Eailer in my journey I discovered I am actually fictionkin of Warrior cats. I thought it was an OC at first but now, I don't know which cat it is, I kinda like to consider myself every cat in the book, even if it sounds dumb.. It's because of their life styles, I guess. But currently I don't identify as any charcter specifically. With my therian identity, my canis lupus/wolf and fox identity have no set awakening. My husky one does though, after watching an air buddies movie, I discovered my husky and tried learning more about then. Ending up loving the concept of dog sledding, and very connected to it I guess.

Now, we can discuss a bit about my LGBT journey. I'm transgender, specifically pangender. And abrosexual. I for a long time, was bisexual without knowing the term, but later in 2020 my friend Val has tought me a lot about LGBT and helped me discover myself, so kudos to you good friend.

Blog's quite short, but I wanted to share a bit about myself, I stand out a lot.